What is GeoMap?

GeoMap is a GPS iPhone Application with over 6000 locations of Speed Camera, Red Light Camera and Petrol Stations across Australia. It is integrated with the Google Map technology using the iPhone integrated GPS system component.

What features does it have?

  • Map Views GeoMap is way better than the default iPhone Map application. You can switch in between Road Map, Satellite Image and Hybrid View mode.
  • GPS coordinates You can see your current location with GPS longitude and latitude attribute coordinates display at the bottom of the screen.
  • Map Pins You can pin down the location on the Google Map with a single click.
  • Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras POIs in Australia GeoMap contains the GPS data of all fixed Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras across Australia. It will display all the hidden cameras around you so that you can slow down and don't get caught.
  • Petrol Station POIs in Australia. You can now find the petrol stations (and their toilets) in your road trips without worrying running out of petrol.

Click and Start

Click GeoMap Icon on your iPhone's menu to start.

Notice that the first-run of the application takes a bit of time to load all the Speed Cameras and Petrol Stations' GPS data into your iPhone. Please be patient and wait until you see the red target image appears. You will see the animation of street map zooming into street level when it is ready. The Application only need to load the GPS data once into your iPhone, so next time when you start the application GeoMap will run on your iPhone smoothly and much faster.

Map Icons

Your current location. Tap on the icons on the map to display further information.

Speed Camera and Red Light Camera. (Australia Only)

Petrol Stations (Australia Only).

Tab and Switch

The top buttons can toggle switch between Standard, Satellite and Hybrid views.

Your GPS coordinate is displayed at the bottom of the screen

Use 1 finger to drag and move the map.

Use multi-touch with 2 fingers (squeeze and expand) to zoom-in or out in the map view.

Tap on the "Store Location" button at the bottom to pin your current location. Notice the pin locations will disappear from the map once you close the application. No data will be saved in the hard disk.

  • App screenshot #1
  • App screenshot #2
  • App screenshot #3
  • App screenshot #4
  • App screenshot #5

Buy in iPhone App Store

Click on the App Store Icon on the left or click here to buy this Application.

It only cost AUD$2.49!!!! Unbelievable bargin price for a GPS application.

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If you have any comments or questions about GeoMap please email me at andy.tl.yip@gmail.com.